Born July 24th, 1964 in Tokyo. Blood type: A.

Graduated from Nihon University, Division of arts, majored in literature.

With her first work, "Kitchen" she won the 6th Kaien Newcomer Writers Prize in November, 1987 and then the 16th Izumi Kyoka Literary Prize in October, 1988.

She was also awarded the 39th edition, Best Newcomer Artists Recommended by the Minister of Education in February, 1989 with "Kitchen" and "Utakata/Sankuchuari".

In May 1989 "TUGUMI" was awarded the 2nd Yamamoto Shugoro Literary Prize.

In November,1995 "Amurita" won the 5th Murasaki-shikibu Prize named after the authoress of the Story of Genji.

Outside of Japan, she was awarded a few prizes in Italy; Literary Prize Scanno in June, 1993 and Fendissime Literary Prize in March,1996 and Literary Prize Maschera d' argento in November, 1999.

In October, 2000 "Furin to nanbei" was awarded the 10th edition Bunkamura Deux Magots Literary Prize.

Her works, including "Kitchen", are translated and published in more than 20 countries.